Marie and Marisa both specialize in bringing out the best in their students.

Marie Meyers Dressage in Moorpark, California is known for producing champions in the show ring, but their warm, welcoming atmosphere at home is what truly sets them apart. Since 1992, trainers Marie Meyers and Marisa Festerling have challenged themselves to create a training and sales program that brings out the best in each horse and rider who walks through their doors. Whether the ambitious beginner, the growing young rider or the seasoned professional, they do their best to provide each horse and rider with the tools necessary to become the best they can be…and have fun while doing it. They believe that a huge part of a successful horse’s career is how well prepared they are, so particular emphasis is placed on daily care, fitness, and general health. Winning is in the details, so they go the extra mile to keep your horse feeling happy and wanting to perform.


    • • Training programs include lessons and/or rides
    • • Full training – 5 days per week
    • • Partial training – three days per week
    • • Consignment Horses – special training & marketing program designed to sell your horse
    • • Lessons – trailer-in students are accepted on a limited basis


      • • All training programs include full grooming services
      • • Daily tacking and untacking
      • • All forms of care including; wrapping, bathing, brushing, etc.
      • Bridles & saddles cleaned
      • • Turn-out
      • • Laundry services
      • • Clipping (body clip extra)


      • • Individualized feeding & supplement programs
      • • Top class farriers & veterinarians
      • • Rehab care & medications
      • Hot & cold therapies
      • • Leg wrapping
      • • Respond laser blanket
      • • Laser therapy
      • • Chiropractic care

Show Services

    • • We offer additional services when traveling to a competition
    • • Warm up and schooling
    • • Daily care at show, including stall cleaning, grooming, feeding, etc.
    • • Tack room setup
    • Braiding

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